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Are there Minimum Fees and when do they apply?
If you are scheduling a program at the Fort and your group is small, there may be a minimum fee of either $50 (as is the case most of the time) or $80 (for programs which require a minimum of two staff). Minimum fees do not apply to classroom or where-your-group-meets presentations because they are priced on a per presentation basis. Sometimes we are able to add your small group to an already scheduled program, saving you the minimum fee. Staff will look for this possibility as appropriate when you call to schedule.
Do you have a Gift Shop?
Old Fort Western operates a small gift shop at the Fort. The gift shop is available to program participants only after a scheduled program, which helps to avoid taking time away from the program itself. This means the gift shop will be staffed on demand only. You will have to tell us you would like to visit the gift shop when you schedule your visit or at least a week in advance of your visit. Plan on the gift shop taking about 20 minutes for every 40 students in your group. It is not possible for us to bring gift shop items with us when we present programs in your classroom or where your group meets.

Also, you can visit our new online gift shop: Click Here

How and when do I pay for programs?
All programs or presentations must be paid for on the day of the program or presentation (or in advance if you choose). We accept cash and checks (made out to Old Fort Western Fund). If we are traveling to your classroom or where your group meets, we will advise you of the travel charges (see above) in our confirmation letter so you may include the travel reimbursement when you make out your check. Schools or groups that require purchase orders should be sure to process those orders in sufficient time to make a same-day payment possible.
How big can our group be?
At the Fort: Group size depends on the program(s) you choose and on what other programming has been scheduled on the date and at the time you choose. We have a number of ways of making larger group visits possible, including rotating participants through two programs during a particular time slot, providing two separate programs during a time slot (such as doing one program with the third graders and another with the fourth graders), scheduling multiple time slots on a single day, or scheduling programming over several visits and days. Contact us with questions by phone, fax, or email. Make final arrangements by phone. In the Learning Gallery: Groups should generally be no larger than about 20-30 people. In your classroom or where your group meets: For public, private, and home schools we usually request that you combine no more than two classes (about 40 students total) per classroom or other offsite presentation. In the case of "Introduction to Archaeology” and “They Behaved Very Cleverly," we are able to present to only one class per presentation. Please note that second and subsequent sameday presentations are always priced significantly lower than the initial presentation.
How can I provide feedback on the program(s) I have scheduled?
Just as you do, we, too, need to document post-program student learning outcomes in National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies terms. When you arrive (or when we get to your school or meeting place), we will issue you a survey form we hope you will use to both quantify and explain how our programs were of value to you and your students or other learners, what may have stood out as particular program strengths, and how we might improve programs in the future. Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete and return the form.
How do I schedule a Fort Western Program?
To schedule Old Fort Western programs, phone 626-2385.
How long do programs last?
At the Fort / in the Learning Gallery: Usually 90 minutes. In your classroom: Usually one classroom period as defined by you. More often than not, at least 75 minutes (90 minutes is even better) should be set aside for classroom presentations whenever possible. Specific program or presentation length is determined during final over-the-phone scheduling. Where your group meets: Usually 90 minutes including time for questions and answers. Specific program or presentation length is determined during final over-the-phone scheduling.
What do Programs Cost?
At the Fort: All programs cost $4.00 per student and chaperone. Certified Teachers and one-on-one Education Technicians for participating students are not charged.
In the Learning Gallery: All programs cost $4.00 per student and chaperone. Certified Teachers are not charged and Education Technicians for participating students are not charged.
In your classroom or where your group meets: $70 (and in some cases where more than one staff person is required, $140) for a single presentation, $40 (or $80) for each additional same-day presentation.
What does the Fort charge for staff travel?
Travel: includes mileage, tolls, and staff travel time beyond Augusta, ME.
Mileage: is charged on a per mile, round trip, basis (our office in Augusta, ME to your location and back determined by and is the per mile rate the IRS allows.
Travel Time: is by the hour. The hourly rate for travel time is $15 per hour/per person for all programs.
Where are Programs Available?

Old Fort Western offers pre-scheduled programming at the Fort itself and in classrooms or wherever students or groups meet, state-wide. In addition, some programs are available in the Fort's Learning Gallery at Augusta's City Hall. Please check the program descriptions for the details.

The Fort location includes the 1754 National Historic Landmark “main house,” restored parade ground, watchboxes, blockhouses, and perimeter palisade. Rooms and spaces at the Fort tend to be small so most of the programs that take place there require dividing a group into two or more evenlysized sub-groups and then rotating those sub-groups through activity stations. The number of subgroups varies according to the size of the main group, the program chosen, and (sometimes) what other programming has been scheduled for the same program date and time-slot. Answers to questions about programs at the Fort are available by phone, fax, or e-mail. Final scheduling must be done by phone (626-2385). Note: Pre-scheduled programs are available at the Fort from the Monday after April school vacation week to roughly the middle of November only. Programs are available in other locations all year long.

In your classroom or where your group meets means just that. Depending upon the program(s) you choose we may ask you to set up your classroom or meeting space in a particular way and/or limit the number of participants in any one presentation. Answers to questions regarding off-site programming are available as above. Final scheduling must be done by phone (626-2385). Note: Programs are available in your classroom or where your group meets anytime of the year.

The Learning Gallery is a 1,000 square-foot multi-purpose room within Augusta's City Hall, just east of the Fort. Programs are scheduled there when they do not lend themselves in terms of content or logistics to being sub-divided into smaller activity or interpretive stations. Answers to questions regarding Learning Gallery programming are available as above. Final scheduling must be done by phone (626-2385). Note: Programs are available in the Learning Gallery anytime of the year.

Will I receive scheduling confirmation?
The logistical details for all pre-scheduled programs (except those which are scheduled with virtually no lead time) are confirmed in writing by e-mail whenever possible or by regular mail as necessary. Other program information, including information that must be discussed or reviewed with participants before the program or presentation takes place if the desired Learning Results outcomes are to be achieved, may be found in the electronic program brochure at Click on the name or names of the program or programs you have scheduled to get the information you need. Duplication of program materials is up to you. Please be certain that everyone involved, including other teachers who may be participating in a program or presentation you have scheduled, receive copies of the materials. Thanks.
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